Why IT Support Should Be Outsourced

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Deciding between outsourcing or hiring in-house IT support? Depending on the size of your business, outsourcing might be the better option. Here’s why:

Outsourcing IT support makes it easier to predict monthly IT expenses

Since most IT support companies charge a fixed, monthly fee for technical support, outsourcing generally makes it easier to control and predict IT expenses. Variable requirements, like hardware & software, can still be estimated ahead of time.

Reduce operating costs associated with hiring & maintaining staff

Salaries, national insurance contributions and pension plans are all costs associated with hiring employees and all costs that reduce operating profits. With outsourced support, the only costs to your business are hardware & software expenses and receiving actual, technical assistance.

Outsourced IT has a comparative advantage

A company dedicated to providing businesses with technical assistance will have a clear, comparative advantage in managing and maintaining business IT systems. They’ll devote substantial resources to acquiring quality hardware & software, because their core operation is providing support. And it’s likely they won’t have to compromise on the quality of their equipment because of other budgetary obligations.

Gain access to special industry partnerships

In the IT industry, many large software & hardware manufacturers offer technical support providers the opportunity to become their special partners. From these partnerships, IT companies have access to special discounts and other privileges that are typically not available to non-IT companies. Clients often benefit from these special privileges and discounts.

Benefit from both reactive & proactive support

Outsourced IT techs are trained to resolve an extensive array of technical issues. And since a vast majority of these issues are common, it’s highly likely they’ll have encountered your IT problems before. This expansive knowledge base allows them to offer both proactive and reactive technical assistance. They can quickly spot, assess and fix potential problems before they become problems.

Focus on core business

Most SMEs will neither require nor be able to match the scale of technical support provided by large IT departments. Outsourced support can help you leverage your existing IT resources to facilitate expansion. They will provide the technical assistance your business needs with very little interruption to core operations, allowing you to focus on your business with complete peace of mind.

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